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A Letter From The Medical Director

Greetings to all my fellow physicians!

Thank you for visiting our website and considering us as a potential partner in your job search. I want you to know Essential Provider Solutions was created with YOU in mind.  I have personally experienced the job-search process, and as many of you know, it can be very tedious and frustrating.  Too often when using a placement company, I was barraged with offers that didn’t have anything to do with what I was looking for.  Many postings weren’t even related to my specialty.  It was obvious I hadn’t been listened to.  After a while, I became frustrated and stopped reading their offers all together.  Does this sound familiar?

From its inception, Essential Provider Solutions was designed to work differently.  The process begins with one of our professional Placement Consultants getting to know YOU.  They will talk with you and get to know exactly what you are looking for by asking the right questions:  what kind of practice, in which part of the country, and what your priorities are.  Only then will they begin to match you with opportunities you are looking for.  No more emails offering positions completely unrelated to your specialty.  No more texts proposing to send you somewhere you’ve already said you have no interest in going.  We were founded by physicians, for physicians, and we are here to help YOU.

I know your time is valuable.  Don’t waste it with a company who doesn’t have your best interest in mind.  Let us find the job you are looking for!




Dr. William Nichols

Medical Director

Essential Provider Solutions

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